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I'm Brooke Stevens. I am a Children's author who found there was limited information and support available to children's authors. The truth is that being an Author is difficult, especially since there isn't a "How to..." that explains the process. Well, at least until now.


My goal is to help Author's on their journey by allowing them to avoid making the same mistakes that myself and many other authors have made in the past. Plus, the world of books, and publishing is changing fast. So we are providing the most up to date ways to succeed as an Author in 2019.

Here at Storybook Authors we are passionate about providing authors with the most efficient and price effective ways to write, create, publish and promote their children's book. The old ways of sending out your book to publishers is still around, but there are better and more profitable methods available today.


Let us show you exactly how to make a living as an author. If this is your dream and your passion, then you won't want to miss out on these tips!

Brooke Stevens
Children's Author and Creator of Storybook Authors
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