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Being A Children's Author Today

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

"There are thousands of children books, but no one writes a story exactly the way you do!" Brooke Stevens. As we all know, technology is changing the world quicker than ever before and this rings true for Authors as well. The new age authors are changing the publishing game. For as long as most people can remember, publishing a book was done consistently the same way. Submit your book over and over again, get rejected over and over again, hope that one day someone finally chooses your book to be published by their company.

"There are thousands of children books, but no one writes a story exactly the way you do!" -Brooke Stevens

Well, nowadays you can honestly publish your own book, and it's as easy as 1-2-3! There are multiple sources for publishing available, but many authors are still fighting the progression. The cold hard truth is that most authors do not like the leg work. Authors, especially Children's Authors, are more of the creative type personalities. They simply want to create and have someone else take on the business side of things. This is totally understandable, I personally don't love doing the publicity, promotions and blah blah blah, but just sticking to my creativity wasn't paying the bills. Truth be told, the thought of doing all these tasks on my own, was much scarier than actually doing them. With the technology that is available nowadays it truly isn't as hard as it seems.

So here is the big question people are asking,

"How Do I Succeed As A Self Published Author?"

Self publishing your book online is the easy part, but getting sales, readings, speaking engagements and book signings... well that is a very different ballgame. Assuming you have a published book, the next step is building your brand. Today the world has become a place where the product is typically not enough, the customer wants to get to know the person behind the product. To accomplish this it is important to create an online presence.

When people look up your name online, what will they find? What they find can literally make or break the success of your book, and every book you write, moving forward. It is important to take control of your journey as an author by controlling what your brand is putting out there. (To be clear, your 'brand' is YOU) One way to begin influencing your audience is to create a website and/or a blog that features your books and your journey as an author. This site should have links to your books for purchases as well. This connects your story to your product and, if done correctly, will increase sales. Personally I feel blogging can provide a large amount of free publicity. If you use keywords properly then you can pop up on google searches that lead to your blog, in turn your blog should lead to your books, which leads to purchases.

Okay, so some of that may have gotten a little confusing, but as you move forward in your journey I PROMISE it will start to make sense. The point here is that your success is in your online presence. If you don't exist online, then you simply don't exist. To get sales you MUST exist!

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