• Brooke Stevens

Building Your American Dream During COVID-19

We are currently in the midst of an ever changing new world. These unprecedented times are a bit concerning and intimidating. The unemployment numbers across the country are staggering. While this is a bit scary for many, we all have a choice to make. Do we cave to the fear, curl up in our beds and watch Netflix from morning to night, or do we take a deep breath and make the most of a bad situation?

We all want to say we will make the most of it, but that is always easier said than done. I get it! The anxiety of the unknown and the current hardships can seem overwhelming. But, here are a few things worth pointing out. We all have

dreams and goals that are put on the back burner due to a lack of time. Right now in these times of quarantine, many are complaining of having too much time. Boredom is trending on social media in the form of memes and TikToks. The way I see it, these are the times that are perfect for pursuing dreams. This is the moment that may allow you to live the life you have dreamed about. Those thoughts of 'what if' are finally able to become a reality. While so many are dreading the loss of the American dream, I choose to look at it from the opposite view. Now is the time to pursue the American Dream. Now is the time to embrace the situation as an opportunity to make the most your future.

I know thing are not ideal. I understand that many of you will want to be angry at the world and want to blame COVID, the government, etc. for the hardships that will follow. However, anger does not provide. We all have a choice to make, and this choice may very well make or break our future. I hope those of you reading this will find the positive, in an otherwise negative situations. I hope that you will take moment to breath and let go of the negativity. I hope that you will finish this article and take the first step towards a

new and exciting future.

When this pandemic is over and life is slowly returning normal, how will you look back on these historic times. Will you look back and be thankful for the opportunity it provided you to change your path? Will you look back and say, that was the moment when your life changed for the better? The choice is yours. This is your moment. What will you choose?

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