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Choosing What Style of Children’s Book To Write.

Writing a children’s book can be very exciting. And also quite scary. The idea in our head takes many twists and turns when we begin to put our idea on paper.

Before you get started, or at least before you get too far into creating your book, take a moment to decide what type of book you plan to write. The style and the age you select can, and will, have a major impact on the creation process.

Simply put, writing a book for a preschool child is very different from writing a book for a 3rd grader. A preschool child is not yet reading the book, but is rather being read to. In this case the pictures will play a big role in telling the story. Preschoolers are drawn to the colors and the illustrations, plus they use these to connect with the story they are hearing.

Third grade students are reading the story on their own. They still love pictures, but are able to use their imagination to fill in the blanks as well. They are drawn to the cover photo and need language and images throughout that will keep them engaged in the story.

As you can see these two different age groups are vastly different and therefore have very different requirements. This is why it is important to take a moment to select your target audience.

“Research is essential, but often overlooked!”

Once you have selected your target audience I recommend doing a bit of research. Research is essential, but often overlooked and taken for granted. You can learn a lot from reading books i Your target audiences Find books that are geared towards your ideal audience. See what the successful books are doing. How many words are they using per page. How images are they including per page. How many characters does the book have. What type of words are being used. Get familiar and read multiple stories. This will give you a stronger understanding of your reader. Take notes on things you love and hate about the stories you find.

"Select the absolute best book for your target audience."

By researching the books that your target audience is already reading you will be able to learn best way to write your story and ensure it is on target with what your reader desires.

To help you make you are selecting the absolute best book for your target audience I have created a quick reference sheet that will break it down clearly and easily by age group. This way you can make sure that you are always on track for success.

*Click here to download a cheat sheet that breaks down the best book for each age group*

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