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Creating Your Brand As An Author

What exactly is an author's brand?

Simply put,It is the author's identity or label. It is what readers associate with the author. Most authors tend to overlook the concept of building a brand. As authors we are typically focused on our mission as an author and we tend to live in our creative zone. In today's world of online access it's important for author's to take a break from their creative zone and make sure that they are also accessible to their audience.

Thanks to the internet, building a brand isn't too difficult. In fact, it's pretty easy, but the best part is that you can take control of your brand and you can determine exactly how you want to be perceived.

When people google your name,or your book title, what do you want them to find? This is the beauty of the internet. You can create your own brand of EXACTLY what you want you readers to know, and exactly how you want them to view you.

The easiest way to begin building your brand is to create a website. You can select the colors, the images, the fonts, the style of what represents you as an author. You can build a blog on connection to your website that allows your to write articles that talk about your books genre and guide people in your audience to your books. You can expand your book so it becomes it's own brand and allow it to be so much more than just a book. Your book can become a movement, an influence or a community of like minded individuals.

On the outside I know the idea of building a brand isn't sexy or fun. Many authors put it off because of the lack of appeal it has to them, but the truth is that it has a great amount of appeal to the reader if you invest a little time. It can turn your book that is getting a few clicks a month into a best seller. A little branding can truly go a long way.

So after reading this, I hope you will take a moment and think about your books, and your mission. How could branding work for you? Could something you have overlooked until now make a difference in your sales and your success? I bet the answer is yes, but you just are afraid to breach this obstacle since it is unknown and a little outside your comfort.

That's Okay!

There are plenty of people out there that are experienced and ready to help you. Visit or to find a very reasonably price individual that has a talent for branding. Let them help you create a brand and build your online presence. Remember, if readers can't find you and can't relate to you as an individual, then they are much less likely to purchase any of your books. Give them a brand that they can get to know and bond with. Once they get to know you, then they will come looking for more of your work.

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