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The New Age Author Turns Authorpreneur

Many of us still remember the days where we went to the library to checkout books. Kids would spending hours using the libraries card catalogue searching for books to help research your term papers. Most of you reading this probably never even heard of the old time card catalogue system, as it is now long gone.

Like many things, the internet has replaced the old systems with the new ones. We now have Amazon and Google to search for almost anything instantly. Things are moving quicker than ever, and things that were virtually impossible just 10 years ago are now just a click away.

The dream of being an Author used to be controlled by the publishers. Author's would submit their work year after year hoping to hear from a publisher that would turn their dream into a reality. While this long tradition of publishing is still around, the internet has opened new doors to authors that create the opportunity for authors to determine their own fate.

I'm not going to talk about the debate between the old way and new way of publishing. I am not even going to touch on the 'how to' in regards to publishing, at least now in this article. What I am going to talk about is the future! The future of the authors is in transition right now. Many are fighting the change and many fail to even see the change happening, but in the blink of an eye authors will fall behind if they don't embrace the change.

The change is in large part a shift in the mentality of authors, which is why many are quick to fight it. Authors are creative minds that love to create, design, and write. They flourish in their bubble, and I can't blame them. I am one of those people. The problem is that the opportunity to be successful as an author is greatly increased when an author steps out of their bubble and becomes an Entrepreneur.

As an Entrepreneur (Authorpreneur) the author can make a higher profit from each book that is sold. The author can have full rights and full control of their characters and their stories. The problem is of course that this will fall on you, the author, as your responsibility to get your books into book stores and libraries. This scares most author's pants off!

The good news is that you can hire people to do many of the jobs entailed in the Authorpreneurship. You just need to determine what those jobs are. So, while I know many of you a terrified by the idea of running your own business I want to start with the first and most important thing that all authors should be doing. All authors should be building their list. Why? Simply put, it's for the future of your career.

"All authors should be building their list."

Email isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Having an email is similar to having someone's phone number. If you build your own list, then you will be building the base for your business. You will have direct contact with your customers. I already know what you are going to say. What about Facebook? Well, Facebook is great and I encourage people to use Facebook to build their list, BUT you don't own Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg could choose to block or delete your Facebook pages tomorrow and where would that leave you? Well, if you have a list, then it leaves you bummed, but with options. If you don't have a list, you are left with nothing. That's right, you will be starting over from scratch.

Don't let anyone, other than YOU, have full control of your future. Mark Zuckerberg can be your friend, but sometimes friends can let you down. (Ha) You know what I mean, or at least I hope you are getting it.

Don't be afraid of the future of the unknown, step up and be at the forefront of the next generation of authors. Build your business and watch is grow beyond your wildest dreams. This change is not a bad thing, it is a very good thing. Building an online business as an author can lead to sales you never dreamed of, but you have to make it happen.

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