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Why I Love Writing Children's Books!

Children's books are filled with fun and positivity. Unfortunately life isn't all cupcakes and rainbow, but for just a moment, my books can fill a child's life with sunshine and joy. This is a big part of why I chose to become a children's author.

As a child we all want to grow up, but as adults we all wish, for even just a single day, we could be a carefree kid all over again. As a child we don't necessarily see the news filled with mass shootings and robberies, instead we see Mickey and his friends dancing in their clubhouse and singing about hotdogs. Real life is ugly and it is filled with ups and downs. Escaping real life is something that brings me happiness and peace.

When I sit down to write, I allow myself to escape the negativity of the world and find a happy place filled with wonder and adventure. There is nothing ugly nor negative about it. I revert back to my childhood self and allow magical worlds to exist once again. I want all the characters to love each other and celebrate their flaws.

Writing books for children allows me to spread magic and love. It allows me to show kids everywhere that they are special, and smart, and wonderful. my books can bring joy to children on a sad day, the can fill a rainy day with adventure, or even help a child learn kindness towards others.

There are few jobs that exist these days that allow us to sit down and start working with a smile on our face. Everytime I sit down to create my stories I have a huge smile on my face. I picture the innocent faces of children as they follow my characters through the magical world that I have created. I may be an adult now, but every time I create a new story, I get to be a kid again, and for that I am grateful!

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