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You CAN Write A Children's Book

Have you considered writing a children's book? Have you had amazing ideas for your story, or maybe you read your child a book and thought, "I could do better!" Well here is a little secret, you are can!

Writing a children's book is fun and rewarding. The feeling of having your name on the cover of a book cannot be matched. So why haven't you done it? It usually comes down to two different things, so let me know if one of these hits home, and don't lie.

1. Fear

2. Excuses

I bet one thought that just crept into your mind was, "I don't have time". Well, you have the time, but right now you choose to lend your time to other things. Or maybe you had the famous excuse of, "I don't know how" or another favorite "I don't know where to start." These seem valid on the surface, but the truth is that these are excuses. Excuses typically come from fear and/or self doubt. Writing a story means creating something and putting it into the world for others to judge. I get it, it's scary. Maybe no one will like it, BUT maybe they will love it!

Anything you do for the first time in life is scary, heck sometimes it's still scary the second and third time. I can't tell you to stop being afraid, but what I can say is that you can work through the fear. Recognize the fear and the doubt and choose to move forward anyways.

Is this easy? No, but it will allow you to do things outside your comfort zone. The reward could be worth it.

As a children's author I personally did start my journey afraid and alone. I love drawing and I wanted to put my characters into a story that made children smile. I spent hours researching and learning how to compile my book and I definitely made mistake after mistake, but I did it. so, I totally get where you are coming from. I remember my husband even asking me, are you ever going to finish that book you started?

Looking at the finished product I am so proud of what I created, but I remember thinking of the time and effort that went into it and thinking I would never do that again. Well, time went by and I kept feeling like I should try to do it again, so I sat down and wrote the process down through which I had created my first book. That's when I cut the fat! I looked for wasted time and effort. I considered the value of my time and determined where I could outsource. I realized that writing another book wasn't going to be nearly as long or difficult of a process. I was learning everything in the first round, but now I was smarter and more intentional with my actions, so I knew it would be different. Here is the exciting part, it was easier and MUCH faster.

That is when I realized that I needed to help other authors that are starting their journey. Why should they waste time and energy figuring it out on their own when I could provide them with shortcuts? That's when I began creating A place for authors to come for support on their journey. The most important thing you should know is that the first step is easy. I mean really easy. There is a human tendency to overthink things, but my process makes it so simple that you feel like it's almost too simple. That's how the process should be. It should be simple and fun, cutting straight to what matters.

I hope you will take a moment to reflect on the fact that you are here, you are reading this article for a reason. Part of you knows that you you should write you children's book. Embrace that piece of you, take the first step, and join my free course, "How To Write A Best Selling Children's Book". Get rid of the doubt and see what you can do in just a few short steps to start creating your book.

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